Profile Tacking Agent 3, Tackifier and Dust Control

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Profile Tacking Agent 3, Tackifier and Dust Control

Profile Tacking Agent 3 is the #1 recommended all-purpose tackifier and is also used for dust control. Profile Tacking Agent 3 requires NO CURE TIME. Profile Tacking Agent 3 tackifier is a proprietary blend of natural clay sources, cellulose fibers, hydro-colloidal and anionic polyacrylamide polymer powders.

Tacking Agent 3 has long set the standard as an effective binding agent. It is proven to reduce soil erosion and water runoff immediately after hydroseeding - no cure time required. Tacking Agent 3 contains a flocculant, polyacrylamide and hydro-colloid polymers for enhanced fiber to soil bond as well as a marker dye to enhance visual metering when the product is being applied.

Tacking Agent 3 binds stray/hay, hydraulic mulches and has the ability to control dust on soils. A slickifier in Tacking Agent 3 increases the shooting distance of the hydraulic mulch slurry. Tacking Agent 3 also improves water holding capacity of mulches and marker dye enhances visual metering.

Profile Tacking Agent 3, Tackifier and Dust Control Application Rates:

30-60 lb/ac for hydraulic mulch, straw/hay tacking and short-term control.

Profile Tacking Agent 3, Hydraulic Fiber Mulch Binding - Slope Gradient/Condition Rate:

  • >2H:1V Slope 60 lbs per acre
  • 3H:1V Slope = 40 lbs per acre
  • 4H:1V Slope = 30 lbs per acre
  • Modest to 5H:1V Slope = 20 lbs acre

Tank Loads


300 gallons

3 lb

500 gallons

5 lb

900 gallons

10 lb

1500 gallons

15 lb

3000 gallons

30 lb

 Multiple packaging options of Tacking Agent 3 are available: (choose option when ordering, Please call for Pricing) Contact Us at 318-681-9933 or for discounts on bulk/volume orders.

  • Case of 7, 3 lb water soluble bags (56 cases per pallet)
  • Case of 4, 8 lb bags (60 cases per pallet)
  • 25 lb bag (80 bags per pallet)
  • 50 lb bags (40 bags per pallet)