Presto Geosystems 3" Large Cell GEOWEB Geocell, 377 SF Section

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Presto Geosystems 3" Large Cell GEOWEB Geocell, 377 SF Section

The Original Geocell Confinement System Stabilizes Soils
Presto Geosystems invented geocells in the late 1970’s and has been leading the geocellular technology ever since with important product advancements and design and construction accessories for higher performance and faster installation. Presto’s GEOWEB® system is the industry’s ‘most complete geocell system’ designed with fully-engineered components to withstand the most challenging site problems. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) since conception, GEOWEB geocells offer the highest, longest-lasting performance of any geocell system in civil applications.

PRESTO GENUINE GEOWEB® GW40V3 -  75 mm (3 in Depth) Overview

Each section of GW40V3 Geocell is 29 Cells long with a minimum length expansion of 40.9' and a nominal length of 44'. Maximum length expansion is 49.7' with a nominal section area of 377 Square feet.  There are 26 sections of GW40V3 (3" Large Cell Geocell) per pallet.

Geoweb Geocell Key Applications: Horse Paddocks | Access Roads | Lease Roads | Laydown Yards | Drilling Pads | Intermodal/Port Facilities | Railroad Track Ballast/Subballast Structures | Stabilized base for asphalt | Boat Ramps and Low Water Crossings | Trails and Walkways | Vegetated and Permeable Embankments | Geomembrane Protection | Stormwater Basins & Wastewater Lagoons | Shoreline Revetments | Dikes & Levees | Abutment Protection | Landfill Linings & Covers | Dam Faces & Spillways |Shoreline Revetments & Embankment Protection | Shoreline Restoration & Bioengineered Solutions | Geomembrane Protection | Stormwater or Wastewater Containment Basins | Seawalls | Reinforced Slopes | Gravity Walls | Reinforced Retaining Walls | Multi-layered Channel Systems | Swales & Drainage Ditches | Storm Water Diversion or Containment | Spillways /Downchutes/Drop Structures | Culvert Outfalls | Intermittent or continuous/Low-to-high-flow channels | Tree Root Protection.

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Test Method

Base Material

Material Composition

Polymer – Polyethylene with density of 0.935 – 0.965 g/cm³ (58.4 - 60.2 lb/ft³)

ASTM D 1505


Black - from Carbon Black

Tan, Green, Other Colors with no heavy metal content



Carbon black content 1.5% - 2% by weight

Hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS)

2.0% by weight of carrier


Minimum ESCR

5000 hr

ASTM D 1693

Strip Properties

Sheet Thickness

Prior to Texture: 1.27 mm -5% +10% (50 mil –5% +10%) After Texture: 1.52 mm -5% +10% (60 mil –5% +10%)

ASTM D 5199

Surface Treatment

Performance: The polyethylene strips shall be textured and perforated such that the peak friction angle between the surface of the textured / perforated plastic and a #40 silica sand at 100% relative density shall be no less than 85% of the peak friction angle of the silica sand in isolation when tested by the direct shear method per ASTM D 5321. The quantity of perforations shall remove 19.8% ± 1.0% of the cell wall area.

Material: The polyethylene strips shall be textured with a multitude of rhomboidal (diamond shape) indentations. The rhomboidal indentations shall have a surface density of 22 – 31 per cm² (140 – 200 per in²). In addition, the strips shall be perforated with horizontal rows of 10 mm (0.4 in) diameter holes. Perforations within each row shall be 19 mm (0.75 in) on-center. Horizontal rows shall be staggered and separated 12 mm (0.50 in) relative to the hole centers. The edge of strip to the nearest edge of perforation shall be 8 mm (0.3 in) minimum and the centerline of the weld to the nearest edge of perforation shall be 18 mm (0.7 in) minimum. A slot with a dimension of 10 mm x 35 mm (3/8 in x 1 3/8 in) is standard in the center of the non-perforated areas and at the center of each weld.

Cell & Seam Properties

Cell Details


Nominal Dimensions ±10%

Density per m² (yd²)

Nominal Area ±1%




75 mm (3 in)

475 mm (18.7 in)

508 mm (20.0 in)

8.3 (6.9)

1206 cm² (187.0 in²)


Seam Peel Strength

Cell Depth

Minimum Certified Cell Seam Strength

75 mm (3 in)

1060 N (240 lbf)

Long-term Seam Peel Strength

Long-term seam peel-strength test shall be performed on all resin or pre-manufactured sheet or strips.A 100 mm (4.0 in) wide seam sample shall support a 72.5 kg (160 lb) load for a period of 168 hours (7 days) minimum in a temperature-controlled environment undergoing a temperature change on a 1-hour cycle from ambient room to 54C (130F).   Ambient room temperature is per ASTM E 41.  

Section Properties

Section Dimension

Section Width

Section Length Range (Cells Long: 18, 21, 25, 29, 34)





2.3 m (7.7 ft) to 2.8 m (9.2 ft)

7.7 m (25.4 ft)

17.8 m (58.2 ft)

Certifications & Warranties

Geoweb® Material

Geoweb® sections are manufactured under a quality management system that is ISO-9001:2008 certified. For additional certification and warranty information, refer to the Presto Geosystems Geoweb® Cellular Confinement Specification.


Presto's Geoweb Geocell is the original and most complete Geocell. The Geoweb Geocell system was developed by Presto Geosystems for soil stabilization challenges. The Geoweb brand is recognized as the industry's high-quality, high-performance solution and the most complete geocell offering integral design components critical to the strength of the engineered solution. Geoweb Geocell has four main applications: Load support | Retaining Walls | Slope Protection | Channel Support.

The Geoweb Geocell Load Support system is a proven, economical solution for soil stability. Geoweb Geocell provides for load distribution over weak soils and gives decreased rolling resistance. Geoweb Geocell offers base stabilization for paved surfaces, rutting control for unpaved surfaces and definitely requires less maintenance. Some of the benefits of Soil Stabilization with Geoweb Geocell's 3D Structure include the following:

  • Confines and reinforces the upper soil layer
  • Provides resistance to erosive conditions and slip forces
  • May be integrated with a turf reinforcement mat (TRM) for higher for higher production for vegetation
  • Protects geomembranes on ponds, or stormwater/wastewater containment basins.

  The Geoweb Geocell system can be designed to provide long-term stability with sustainable vegetation, permeable aggregate or hard-armored concrete. The Geoweb Geocell system with established vegetation protects embankments against mild wave and tidal forces. With a TRM cover, offers better resistance to soil loss caused by soil saturation. Confinement in the Geoweb Geocell structure allows smaller, less-expensive materials to be used, and on steeper slopes than when unconfined. With concrete infill, the Geoweb system is a less costly, flexible alternative to articulating block systems or bag systems, and can be an effective solution to damaging wave action.

The Geoweb Geocell retaining wall systems are designed to deliver natural aesthetics, and are valuable for projects with site constraints and challenging site conditions. The Geoweb Geocell system creates economical and structurally sound retaining walls that perform well when exposed to differential settlement in soft-soil environments. In fact, Geoweb Geocell retaining walls have been exposed to severe earthquakes without sustaining damage. Geoweb Geocell retaining wall systems create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation. Note: If vegetation is not desired, the Geoweb Geocell system also supports aggregate or concrete infill.

The Geoweb Channel Protection System stabilizes and protects channels exposed to erosive conditions and can be designed with appropriate infill types to withstand even the highest velocities. Choose vegetated protection for lower cost and easier to maintain channel protection. Choose Aggregate protection for a less-expensive and much more stable system than rip-rap or unconfined systems. Use Geoweb Geocell filled with concrete for channels exposed to severe hydraulic stresses. Using a concrete-filled Geoweb Geocell system creates an easily installed, flexible yet hard-armored system that's less costly than pre-formed concrete systems.

© 2016 Presto Products Company.  This specification is copyrighted and based on the use of Genuine Geoweb® manufactured by Presto Products Company (Presto Geosystems).  Any use of this specification for any product other than that manufactured by Presto Products Company is strictly prohibited.