CPOP Silt Fence, 50' Roll (GA DOTD Type C Alternative)

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CPOP Silt Fence, 50' Roll (GA DOTD Type C Alternative)


The C-POP (Polypropylene on Polypropylene) Silt Fence system was designed as an alternative to GA DOTD Type C Silt Fence (steel posts with wire reinforcement). The C-POP Silt Fence system is designed to be used as a temporary sediment barrier for use in areas where runoff flows of velocities are high. Use C-POP where slopes exceed 10 feet high or where high performance erosion control is warranted.

Our C-POP Silt Fence combines high-flow, GA DOTD and GSWCC approved fabric sewn together with a heavy duty high performance polypropylene reinforcement grid. 2" x 2" x 48" hardwood stakes are attached on 4' centers by a specially designed staple pattern. The fabric and grid are bound together and are 36" in height. They are designed to be trenched in the ground together up to six inches.

Manufacturer recommendations: C-POP Silt Fence should be installed into a 6" trench up to the first marker line of the fabric. Drive the posts into the ground to the same depth keeping the fabric stretched and tight. Back fill the trench with remaining soil and compact.

Each roll of CPOP weighs between 90-92 lbs and must be shipped via LTL. Please call 318-681-9933 for a freight quote.

CPOP Silt Fence is packaged 20 Rolls Per Pallet

Type C Silt Fence Fabric  

Property  Test Method  
Minimum Average Roll Value
Tensile Strength  ASTM D-4632 260 x 180 lbs  
Elongation     ASTM D-4632 25%  
Puncture Resistance   ASTM D-4833 120lbs      
Mullen Burst        ASTM D-3786 250 psi
Trapezoidal Tear  ASTM D-4533 65 lbs
UV Resistance     ASTM D-4355 80% @ 500 hrs
Apparent Opening Size (AOS)  ASTM D-4751 30 US Std. Sieve
Fungus Resistance     ASTM G-21 0 Growth                                             
Water Flow Rate  ASTM D-4491 70 gpm/ft2



Conwed R02659-XXX Reinforcement Grid


                                        Minimum Average Roll Value                    
Test Method English          
Weight           ASTM D-3776
10.0 +/- PMSF
Strand Count      ASTM D-3775
9.0 +/- per 10” MD  
    13 +/- per 10” TD            
Tensile Strength ASTM 1682          57.0 +/- MD
                                  73.0 +/- TD
Resin                                                  Polypropylene