Geoterra Portable Construction Mats, 18.8" x 37.8"

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Presto Geosystems Geoterra Portable Construction Mats, 18.8" x 37.8" (4.95 SF) per Unit

Create site access fast and easy with GeoTerra® portable construction mats – the safest portable construction mats – without the need for heavy equipment to deploy or install. Geoterra Portable Construction Mats, 18.8" x 37.8" use a metal padloc connection/locking system making it easy to build the construction mats the right size for access roads, work platforms and tracking pads, and the mats protect grass for temporary vehicle access. GeoTerra Mats are built with a high crush and flexural strength that supports heavy construction vehicles at 40-70% lower cost than heavier composite or timber mats – even over soft ground! Geoterra Portable Construction Mats have been proven to perform as an equivalent to 12 inches of Aggregate.

These portable construction mats create a fast mat system that supports thousands of times its own weight. GeoTerra Portable Construction Mats are strong & durable, economical, fast, easy and have a low carbon footprint. Geoterra Portable Construction Mats are easy to transport and do NOT require heavy equipment, are easy to handle and safely install. You can expect Geoterra  Portable Construction Mats to be high strength, weather resistant and offer soft soil bridging and the ability to relieve pore pressure. Geoterra Portable Construction Mats offer laydown versatility as they are so quick to deploy, assemble and disassemble.

The GEOTERRA® system is an integrated, open, structural mat that consists of varying components depending on site conditions and loading requirements. The system’s design and construction flexibility allows the use of only those components required for the project, reducing cost and waste.

Overall, when comparing to other construction mats, Geoterra Portable Construction Mats are most cost-effective with a low initial purchase price and reusable.

Geoterra Construction Mat Specification Summary

Length: 0.96 m (3.15 ft)
Width: 0.48 m (1.57 ft)
Depth: 50 mm (2 in)
Area: 0.46 m² (4.95 ft²)
Weight: 4.5 kg (9.9 lb)
Material: Polyethylene
Crush Strength: 2900 kPa (420 psi)