Enviro-Gro HydroMulch, Cellulose Fiber | Sold by the pallet

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Profile Products Enviro-Gro HydroMulch, Cellulose Fiber, Sold by the Pallet

(Quantity Forty - 50 lb Bales or 2000 Total Pounds per Pallet)

Enviro-Gro Cellulose Hydraulic Mulch is produced from High Quality 100% Recycled Newsprint and is contaminate and Toxic Free. Enviro-Gro Cellulose HydroMulch provides Superior Erosion Control to Broadcast Straw / Hay Mulch and is ideal for General Seeding Projects. Enviro-Gro Cellulose HydroMulch is a dark Green Color which Provides a Professional Appearance to the Project and Facilitates Metering of Product Application. Enviro-Gro Cellulose HydroMulch is easily Loaded, Mixed, and Sprayed with Any Type of Hydroseeding Machine and overall is an excellent mulch for hydroseeding.

Enviro-Gro Cellulose Hydraulic Mulch Specifications

  • Available Pre-Mixed with Highly Refined Tackifier (Choose the option "With Tack" when adding to your cart)
  • Maximum Recommended Application of 2,000# Per Acre Provides Ideal Performance
  • Packaged in 50 Pound Bags (Vinyl / UV / Weather Resistant)
  • Meets or Exceeds all Requirements for Cellulose Fiber Mulch

NOTE: Enviro-Gro Cellulose Hydraulic Mulch is an approved HydroMulch according to the LA DOTD QPL.

THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED - Contact us for alternatives